Extreme Exploits
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Praise for Extreme Exploits
Alfred Huger Senior Director of Engineering
Symantec Security Response
"The authors have a unique mix of industry experience not common in texts like this. Not only have the authors been responsible for securing large swaths of the Internet backbone but they have also been at the forefront of security software product development, helping protect Fortune 500 companies and world governments for more than a decade. Much of this experience has been distilled and articulated into this book for the benefit of the reader. With it, I believe you will be better equipped to deal with the threat-rich environment we are all faced with."
George Kurtz Senior Vice President of Risk Management
McAfee, Inc.
Co-author of all five editions of the best-seller, Hacking Exposed: Network Security Secrets & Solutions
"If you have mastered the attacks and countermeasures in Hacking Exposed, Extreme Exploits takes you to the next level in keeping your systems safe by providing advanced techniques against sophisticated exploits."
Ivan Arce Chief Technology Officer
CORE Security Technologies
"Extreme Exploits is a comprehensive treatise on network security threats and their plausible solutions in the real world. It gives IT and INFOSEC practitioners the necessary resources to understand current and future problems and the available technologies, processes, and practices to deploy effective defense mechanisms in the evolving technological environment in which they live and work every day."
Rodney Joffe Founder and Chief Technology Officer
UltraDNS Corp.
"If you have the time or inclination to only read and absorb one book on network security this year, then Extreme Exploits should be it. With a detailed analysis of modern-day threats, together with best current practices for mitigation, it ranks at the top of my reference library. It is a must for every network security professional."
Barrett Lyon Founder and Chief Technology Officer
Prolexic Technologies
"We have recently seen a paradigm shift in motive behind security threats. No longer do people attack for fun; the exploits for glory are nearly over. Modern exploits are organized, calculated, high-dollar crime. There are people out there that live, breathe, and operate for the sake of extortion and sabotage. Extreme Exploits will help open your eyes to the world of serious security."

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