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About the Authors of Extreme Exploits
Victor Oppleman  (victor _AT_ extremeexploits.com)
Mr. Oppleman is an accomplished author, speaker, and teacher in the field of network security and a specialized consultant to some of the world's most admired companies. Mr. Oppleman's open source software has been distributed to hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide and some is used in graduate-level college curricula to demonstrate advanced networking techniques. Early in his career as an engineer, Mr. Oppleman developed portions of the backbone systems infrastructure for Genuity, the first Internet data center company. Later, as a senior architect for BBN and GTE Internetworking, Mr. Oppleman developed security-related products and services centered on public key infrastructure (PKI). A great deal of Mr. Oppleman's professional career has been dedicated to tactical engineering and consulting for global telecom operators and critical infrastructure organizations in industries such as power and water, financial services, and defense. Some of the largest global companies frequently call upon Mr. Oppleman to perform advanced vulnerability assessments, provide expert counsel, and navigate complex regulatory issues concerning information security. An accomplished executive and engineer in network security, data hosting services, and software development, Mr. Oppleman also holds US intellectual property patents in distributed adaptive routing and wireless consumer applications.
Oliver Friedrichs  (oliver _AT_ extremeexploits.com)
Mr. Friedrichs manages the development of the DeepSight product line within Symantec Security Response, a technology responsible for the early warning and notification of emerging security threats. Mr. Friedrichs was a cofounder of SecurityFocus, acquired by Symantec in 2002. Prior to SecurityFocus, Mr. Friedrichs was a cofounder and Vice President of Engineering at Secure Networks Inc, acquired by Network Associates in 1998. At Secure Networks, Mr. Friedrichs architected and developed the companyĆ­s network vulnerability assessment software, Ballista, later renamed CyberCop Scanner. While at Network Associates, Mr. Friedrichs also created and managed the company's vulnerability research team (COVERT). Prior to Secure Networks Inc, Mr. Friedrichs was employed at the University of Manitoba in a security and network operations capacity. Throughout his career, Mr. Friedrichs has given presentations for numerous government and military organizations, and spoken at many security conferences.
Brett Watson  (brett _AT_ extremeexploits.com)
Mr. Watson has 17 years experience in network architecture and security, including large-scale IP networking, optical networking, and security and vulnerability assessments. Mr. Watson currently works for Internet Systems Consortium's DNS Operations, Analysis, and Research Center (DNS OARC) doing macroscopic analysis of global DNS behavior. Prior to joining ISC, Mr. Watson helped deploy and maintain the original MCI and Genuity IP backbones, and designed the first metropolitan IP-over-Gigibit Ethernet product for Metromedia Fiber Networks. Mr. Watson has spent the last several years performing custom network and vulnerability assessments, and consulting on information security issues for some of the largest healthcare, water, and power industries in the United States. In addition, Mr. Watson holds a patent for one of the first large-scale, content distribution platforms known as Hopscotch.
About the Contributing Authors
James Willett  (james _AT_ extremeexploits.com)
Mr. Willett has over 12 years experience exercising winning management strategies with customers and team members alike to produce successful results while solving customer business problems. Mr. Willett is the founder of Jatell, a successful product development-consulting firm and has specialized in servicing clients ranging from the Fortune 500 to critical Internet infrastructure providers. Previously, Mr. Willett served as the Director of Professional Services for MainNerve, Inc. and was operationally responsible for managing all consulting processes and customer service delivery including its high-stakes information security clients. Prior to joining MainNerve, he held engineering and consulting positions where he was responsible for maintaining Intel-based systems and applications in production environments. Early in his career, Mr. Willett served with the United States Marine Corps as a Communications-Electronics Maintenance Chief. In that position, he managed the maintenance and repair of over 900 radio, telephone, switchboard, and computer systems in garrison and the field as well as all equipment, manuals and personnel required to complete this task.
Zachary Kanner  (zachary _AT_ extremeexploits.com)
Mr. Kanner is an independent security software developer with a unique balance of commercial and open source development expertise. Most recently, Mr. Kanner was contracted to develop high-performance packet and flow analysis software and a distributed event and policy framework. Previously, Mr. Kanner served as Sr. Software Engineer at CenterBeam, where he developed systems automation and database software applications. Prior to joining CenterBeam, as a Core Engineer at Remedy Corporation, Mr. Kanner was instrumental in the development of version 5 of the Remedy Flashboards application, software used perform time-based data collection and graphical display of applications developed within the Remedy AR System. Mr. Kanner also developed several applications designed to improve user administration and event management within the AR System environment. Remedy's AR System is deployed in over 7,000 installations at present. Early in his career, Mr. Kanner assisted in the startup of Ostream Software where he launched several products that augmented the capabilities of the Remedy AR System. One of these products was eventually sold to Remedy. Mr. Kanner has database design, software engineering, and network programming experience in several languages and development environments.
Jesse Dunagan  (jesse _AT_ extremeexploits.com)
Mr. Dunagan served as Data Center Facilities Manager for StoreRunner Network, where he was responsible for day-to-day operations of a world-class data center. While at StoreRunner, Mr. Dunagan maintained an auspicious record of reliability in the company's critical operational infrastructure, which included responsibility over a tremendously heterogeneous operating environment. Early in his career, Jesse worked for the United States Marine Corps performing a variety of cutting-edge information systems projects for the 1st Marine Division.
About the Technical Editors
James Lippard  (lippard _AT_ extremeexploits.com)
Mr. Lippard, CISM, CISSP, ISSMP, ISSAP is Director of Information Security Operations at Global Crossing, where he has responsibility for the company's global security operations. Mr. Lippard began his career in computing at Honeywell, where he was a GCOS system administrator during high school, and then a systems developer on the Multics operating system, for which he rewrote the interactive message facility. Mr. Lippard has also held senior security operations positions at Primenet, a national ISP, GlobalCenter, a large webhosting provider, and Frontier, a national telco, and was a "research philosopher" for Genuity when it was owned by the Bechtel Corporation. Mr. Lippard has a master's degree in philosophy with a minor in cognitive science from the University of Arizona.

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